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Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

44 & 45/100 photos from my favorite films

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Introducing the Yours Truly Project, a pen pal group run by keytotherosegarden!
This is a group in which members will submit a bio of themselves, read other members’ bios, and then message one another to become pen pals! Each member has the option of communicating through written letters or electronically. This group is a fun way to make awesome friends through the lost art of writing letters!
How to join:
Reblog this post (likes won’t count, but you can like to bookmark)
Follow the group blog (here)
You’re not required to follow the admin, but it would be super lovely if you did :)
Fill out this application (this is your bio; you must answer ALL of the questions!) - Read my bio for an example
All blog types welcome (except for NSFW or triggering blogs), but you must be active!
Your application will be ignored if you fail to follow any of the directions above!
Once you join:
I will notify you that you have been added to the group.
You MUST have the badge or a link to the group somewhere on your blog. (badge code here)
You MUST choose at least one person in the group to be pen pals with. You can read each member’s bio and then contact one or more that you are interested in getting to know better! (make sure the pen pal you choose has the same communication preference as you, some may be uncomfortable giving out their address!)
After approximately two weeks, I will message each member to see if you have found a pen pal yet. If not, I will match you with one myself based on your bio.
You MUST write to your pen pal on a regular basis!
If at any time you are unhappy in the group and want to leave, just message me.
I will choose members once I receive a satisfactory number of applications. Eeeee I’m so excited!  I hope you all enjoy this group! I hope I didn’t leave anything out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here! ♥
Yours Truly,
Emily ♥

Anna Kareina (2012)

"Picking Wild Flowers" (also known as "Picking Daisies") (1905) (detail) by Hermann Seeger (1857-1945).